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Western Smokejumpers Trilogy Bundle

Western Smokejumpers Trilogy Bundle

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  • Book 1: Bronx

They'd called it betrayal

He was gone, and he hadn't deserved her yet I was labeled a traitor

I had loved her long before I should have but this thing between us was fragile. 

She was everything that was right in my world—but maybe we just weren't meant to be

Jack 'Bronx' Devlin is the toughest of the tough. He grew up breaking colts and parachutes into wildfires as a smokejumper for a living, but Layla Rafferty, the elusive woman he loves but can't have, might be the one to finally break him.

What readers are saying:

"The burn in this book was intense and had a depth that drew you in immediately. I felt like I was immersed in the story and the characters' lives the whole time and I couldn't put it down."
  ~Amazon Reviewer

  • Book 2: King

She was fierce, full of energy, and she was a fighter. 

It wasn’t love at first sight with her. It was love at every sight

Growing up, I could never imagine myself ending up with anyone else. 

Back then, she had been my one. But tragedy had obliterated that imagined happy ending, and my emotions had been flipped upside down.

Tough guy smokejumper and all-around bad boy Kingston ‘King’ Bristow gave his heart away as a teen and has struggled to find love again. He gets more than he bargained for when the past comes back to haunt him and the truth behind Westridge’s sketchy history begins to unravel.

What readers are saying:

"I could not put this book down....this series is getting better and better!"

  • Book 3: Angus

The last thing Angus Kilmer was looking for was a steady relationship. But he couldn't ignore his instant attraction to Chastain "Chase" Brooks. There was only one problem—Chase, the hard-edged, no-nonsense and undeniably hot owner of a rock and roll bar loathed him. Angus never looked away from a challenge but would Chase prove to be just too out of reach, even for him?

What readers are saying:

"Oh man, I love this series. I love all the guys."  
~Amazon Reviewer

The Western Smokejumpers are the toughest of the tough, but finding true love may be the thing to finally break them.


"—so full of twists and turns that it gave me whiplash-but in a good way... I simply couldn’t put it down."



  • love at first sight
  • forbidden romance
  • love after loss
  • firefighter
  • first love
  • romantic suspense
  • second chance
  • enemies-to-lovers

Look Inside

Excerpt from Bronx

Chapter 3

Two years earlier

I pulled my jeep into one of the last parking spots at the Morgan Lake Recreation Center. The early September sun pierced through the front windshield like a laser. It was going to be another flaming hot day. The first week of September had brought some unusual and unexpected rain, a reprieve for those of us who fought wilderness fires. The wet weather prompted the idea of having our end of summer party a little early. Our luck could change at any minute, with a long bout of hot, dry weather like this afternoon. The moisture that gave the hillsides a nice drink for several days would evaporate soon enough, and we'd be back in our Kevlar suits with our parachutes and our axes. 

I wasn't one to dislike parties, but this afternoon, I couldn't have been in less of a mood to celebrate. And that mood was only darkened by the next few minutes and a string of shitty texts and phone calls. 

"I've moved the last of my stuff out. Stay safe." Carly added a heart emoji at the end of the text. It seemed a little cheesy considering how much fighting we had done at the end. The rough patches in our two year relationship turned to jagged ditches and finally a bottomless pit of anger. We both knew it was over six months earlier, but for some dumb reason we kept trying to make it work. In between the occasional nice dinner and always great sex, we were picking at each other, wearing down each other's souls by staying together. 

"You too." I texted back. No heart emoji. 

The lake and beach were behind an opaque set of oak trees but the thick canopy didn't block the music. A base beat thrummed against the sides of the jeep, causing the whole car to vibrate. 

"Where are you at?" Kingston texted. "This is our party, remember? Goodbye rookie-hood." 

Kingston and I were officially done being the rookies on the team. It felt good to know we'd pulled it off. When we left our hot shot crews to try out for two of the coveted spots on the smokejumping crew, neither of us were sure we'd make it. The process was grueling, both physically and mentally. And, even after all the training, nothing prepared you for your first moment staring out the open side of a plane as you're about to jump into a burning hillside. It was a rush and scary as fuck, but we loved it. No regrets. No turning back. 

"I'm just parking," I lied. It would give me a few quiet minutes to myself. The quiet was shorter than I'd hoped. My phone rang the second I sent the text. 

"Hey, David, what's up?"

"Hey, Jack. Just checking in on my little bro. Heard Vick's surgery went all right."

"Not sure how any surgery that took out half your guts could be all right, but you know Vick. He's tough as nails." I stared out the window and watched as two kids dragged an inflatable raft, unwieldy and fighting them all the way, to the rinse off showers. They were giggling as the raft fought them at every turn and wind gust. Those kid days were far behind now, but I sure as hell missed them. Sometimes, it felt as if adulthood was just one smack down after another. 

"What did the doctor say about his prognosis?" David's voice pulled me back to the conversation. "I didn't ask Mom cause you know how she gets, all teary and sniffly. Just can't deal with that emotional stuff right now. I've got problems of my own."

With my older brother, it was almost always about his problems. So much so that he couldn't even find the time to visit Vick after his cancer diagnosis. The man had been the only real father either of us ever had, but David couldn't make the effort. 

The music was loud enough that David could hear it through my phone. "Where are you at? A party? Oh wait, that's right. Mom told me it was to celebrate that you and King are no longer rookie smokejumpers. Congratulations. I wasn't sure you had it in you. Guess I underestimated my little brother."

Just like I overestimated my big brother was what I wanted to say to him, but I muttered thanks instead. 

"Hey listen, Jack, I'll let you go. I just had a little request." And here it came, his usual motive for calling. I knew it wasn't just to shoot the breeze or congratulate me on surpassing his expectations as a firefighter. "I'm coming up short this month, and I've got to pay my rent. Suzy lost her job at the bank, big layoffs everywhere. Do you think you could shoot a few hundred bucks my way? I'll pay you back." He had borrowed money for the past four years. He hadn't paid back a dime, but I didn't care. He was my brother. What the hell else was I supposed to do?

"Yeah, how much? Three hundred?"

"Actually, if you could spare five hundred that would be awesome. I'll get it back to you just as soon as I can."

"Yep. Well, I need to get to this party, guest of honor and all that. I'll send the money over right now." 

"Thanks, bro, I really appreciate it." He hung up. That was the extent of the conversation, a short greeting and a few statements that made him feel good because he was asking about the rest of us even though he couldn't give a damn, then straight to the money. I opened my bank account. The transfer to his bank account was all set up because it was easier that way. I sent off five hundred bucks just as the phone rang again. It seemed I was in especially high demand this morning. This time it was Mom, so I answered fast. 

"Hey, Mom, everything all right?" 

"Yes, everything is fine." Her voice sounded as if nothing was fine and as if nothing would ever be fine again. Vick Devlin had saved all our lives, and now we were watching the once vital, strong man, a guy who could handle a bucking bronco like it was a helpless puppy, wither away as a rotten disease got the best of him. 

"I just got to the lake. What's up?"

"I hate to keep you from your little party—" To my mom, a party still meant a bunch of us hanging out together, listening to the radio, sipping that horrid red punch and eating cupcakes. I hadn't stepped through the trees but considering the slamming music and the loud voices thundering across the parking lot, I was pretty sure punch and cupcakes weren't on the menu. "Vick is up. He's a little groggy," she whispered loudly, as an afterthought. "He'd like to speak to you. Do you have time?"

"Sure. Put him on." I'd spent the night in the chair at the hospital. My neck and back reminded me of that every time I moved even the slightest bit. I'd hoped to talk to Vick when he was more awake and lucid, but he was so out of it he thought we were standing out in his barn. He kept reminding me that Arrow needed new shoes and that Rebel needed to be turned out because he was getting antsy in his stall.

"Hey, Bronx." Vick had been the first to start using my nickname. He told me I'd earned it for breaking more colts than any cowboy he ever rode with. He was always good about recognizing my accomplishments. He was also just as good at letting me know when I'd done something wrong. He had far greater influence on my character than anyone else. I was sure if David hadn't already been off on his own by the time we moved to Vick's ranch, he would have turned out differently. At least, that was the younger brother in me still holding on to that big brother pedestal David had fallen off of long ago. 

"Hey, Dad, how are you feeling? Those docs gave it to you good, huh? I'm sorry I wasn't there when you woke up."

"Nah, nah, that's all right." It was impossible to believe the thin, reedy voice coming through the phone was the man who raised me. Back on the ranch, he could bellow my name, and I could hear it no matter what corner of the thirty acres I was standing on. A groan of pain rolled through the phone. "Boy oh boy, don't think the doctors left much inside of me. Guess I've lived a good life, so what the hell."

"No, don't say that. You're sticking around for a lot longer." Even as I said it my gut twisted with the reality that his prospects weren't good. 

"Hey, Bronx, kiddo, I need to ask a favor. Looks like I'll be back in this hellhole next month for a second surgery." He chuckled but it was weak and pained. "Guess they didn't take enough of me yet. I've got Rick watching the horses while I'm off my feet, but he's got to head across the country to a wedding next month. Do you think you could take some time off and keep an eye on the horses?"

"You know what? I've got some time coming up. I'm sure I could swing it. Don't worry about the horses. I'll take care of them. I look forward to some time at the ranch. Might be just what I need." 

"Thanks, buddy, I knew I could count on you." I'd heard the same words from him many times, but this time they hit me like a punch in the chest. Wasn't fair that such a good guy had to suffer and leave this world so early.

I heard my mom's admonishment in the background about him using up all his energy to talk about horses.

"Got to go. Your mom is giving me an earful. See you soon?" he asked, hopefully. 

"Yep, as long as those hillsides aren't burning just try keeping me away."

"Bye, son," he said quietly. It was rare for him to call me son, but I always felt it in everything he said and did. 

I hung up and rested back, only to discover the seat was already getting too hot to sit against. Even though the last few minutes on my phone, starting with the short, cold text from Carly and ending with Vick's heartbreakingly unfamiliar voice, had left me feeling less like a party and more like a bottle of whiskey, I opened the door and climbed out.

Books included in this bundle:

  • Bronx
  • King
  • Angus

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