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ULTIMATE Steamy Romance Bundle

ULTIMATE Steamy Romance Bundle

9 Bestselling Books One Price!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1,317+ 5-Star Reviews

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This steamy, hot bundle is NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE!

10 novella-length steamy contemporary romances. 

  • Plaything: Fall for these swoon-worthy billionaires who own highly successful pleasure subscription company.
  • Silk Stocking Inn: A stay here is nothing short of magical. Your deepest, dirtiest fantasies will come true. 

~*~Excerpt from Easy Come~*~

"I think you should write a personal journal on finding your sexual self. Your sexuality can empower you, once you find it."

"Maybe I don't have a sexual self."

His short laugh seemed to have been unplanned, surprising even himself. "Georgie, when you walked into my office this morning, even in your demure skirt and blouse and librarian hairstyle, sexuality was pulsing off of you in waves. You've got it. And if you couple that with those extreme brains, you will be unstoppable. Just like a superhero."

"And just how do you know I haven't already found this magical sexual self?"

"Do you have an orgasm every time you have sex?"

I dropped the fork again and sat back with astonishment.

"Come on, Georgie, you're a highly educated, modern woman. It's all right to talk out loud about this."

"Yes, maybe with my best friend, or my—no, I don't even do that."

He tilted his head, waiting for an answer. He was persistent, and damn, if he didn't have the most gorgeous face to go with that persistence. 

"No, not all the time. I mean it depends on my mood, and how skilled the partner is and the time of day, and what I ate for lunch or if I had a drink with dinner . . . Ah shit. All right, my sexual self might need a little enlightenment, but how do you suppose to do that?" My face warmed some. "I'm not sleeping with you just to write a story." Of course, I'd been sort of undressing the man in my mind since I'd walked into the office, and I'd already imagined his hands on me more than once. But I was still not making that kind of sacrifice for my job. Although, sacrifice might be a strong word because the man was rich and gorgeous and ridiculously appealing. 

"That's not what I'm proposing."

My shoulders dropped with a good measure of unplanned disappointment. Trey's mouth tilted slightly at the corner, assuring me he noticed my sudden drop in posture. 

"But I am going to help you with this. And to start, I'll be sending you home with this month's box of, as you noted, pleasure goodies."


What readers are saying:

"Sexy and sultry, silly and scintillating, perfectly wonderful characters in a story that just flowed from the first page, I am hooked." ~Amazon reviewer

"Get ready for romance. Get ready for the gorgeous alpha male. Get ready for hot sex. Get ready for a happily ever after that is so believable that it gives hope to all that have the dream of the one." ~Vine Voice Reviewer



  • Love at work
  • Opposites attract
  • High heat
  • Sexual fantasy 
  • Virgin
  • Role Play
  • BDSM
  • Billionaire

Hot & Handy: Successful businesswoman meets rough around the edges handyman
Built & Badass: Librarian meets strong, tattooed biker
Rough & Ready: Television producer meets swoon-worthy cowboy
Cocky & Captivating: Engineer meets rogue boat captain
Strong & Seductive: Tech mogul meets breathtakingly handsome forest ranger


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Look Inside Easy Come

Excerpt from Chapter 5 ~Georgie

I could hear Trey moving about up on deck and wondered if he was getting ready to head back to the marina. Trey had never put the custom chair back into the panel in the wall, and I decided to satisfy my curiosity a bit. I still had the towel wrapped around me as I sat on the chair and leaned back. It was soft but firm enough for some raunchy fun. The seat was split in two and I could open the two sections by moving my legs apart. 

The playful blue handcuffs dangled above my head, and as I reached up to grab them, my towel fell open and away from my body. Holding the cuffs made my body arch forward off the chair. I leaned my head back and tried to imagine what it would be like to be cuffed to the chair, with Trey between my wide open thighs. My pussy warmed and I grew wet with the thought of his hands and mouth on me, his naked body covering mine on the highly erotic chair. I was sure sex with Trey would be like nothing else I'd ever experienced. Definitely no peanut butter sandwiches involved. 

My eyes stayed closed. Thinking about Trey standing at the captain's helm, shirtless with just his swim trunks, captain's hat and cocky smile, I coasted into a dizzying state of arousal. I moved my hand down over my breasts, imagining it was his hand cupping me and teasing my nipple. My hand continued down to my pussy. With the help of the chair, I spread my thighs wider and slipped my fingers between the folds to my throbbing clit. I badly wished that in my haste to leave Trey's house the night before that I'd had the guts to walk out with the Easy Come, Easy O box he'd given me. 

I arched my back more as my fingers massaged my clit. In my haze, I heard a low groan, that I was sure hadn't come from me. 

I sat up with a start. Trey was standing in the doorway, watching me with a gaze that sent a thrilled shiver through me. 

"Don't stop."

"No, I can't. I don't want to do this alone." I hopped up off the chair, a feat that wasn't easy with two mobile seat cushions. A nervous laugh fell from my mouth. "Maybe I need to restart this idea with a willing partner." I plucked the towel off the ground. Before I knew what was happening, he grabbed the other end of it. The intense heat in his pale eyes seemed to be a mixture of frustration and lust. 

One sharp tug and he yanked me toward him. I slammed right into his hard body, my breasts pressed against his bare chest. I backed off, not sure how to read his expression. He followed my steps. The wall stopped my progress. Trey tossed aside the towel. He pressed his hands against the wall on each side of my head, trapping me in the circle of his arms. He was so close, I could taste the salt on his skin when I licked my bottom lip, a nervous reflex that he watched intently as if I was performing some amazing magic trick with my tongue. 

"What makes you think I wouldn't be a willing partner?" His mouth moved closer to mine, hovering so close I could feel his warm breath on my lips. My pussy and clit were newly awakened by the vision of his powerful arms taking hold of me as he fucked me against the wall.

Look Inside Hot & Handy

Excerpt from Chapter 6

Coco led me to an upstairs room that was filled with a huge bed, complete with antique wrought iron headboard and enough pillows and quilts to hibernate in. An ornate brass fireplace screen sat in front of a brick hearth, just begging for a fire to lick at its gold metal scrolls.

Coco walked over to a massive mahogany dresser and patted a silk nightie and robe that had been laid out. “I’ll deliver dinner up to your room after your bath. Chicken and mashed potatoes all right?”

“That’s my favorite. I’d ask how you knew but since your explanations are nothing short of vague and perplexing, I’ll save my breath. This is a lovely room, by the way. And, you know, I think I will treat myself to that bath.”

“Right this way.” Coco was pretty darn perplexing herself. At times she’d float along like a spry teenager with a bounce in her step, and at other times, she seemed to move rather slowly, like my Grandmother Jeanie after she’d been sitting too long. 

She pushed open a door into a spacious bathroom. An array of lit candles stood sentry around the tub, their flames flickering off the glittering white bathroom tile. A huge claw foot tub, nearly overflowing with sparkling bubbles, was sitting in the center of the room. The scent of lavender swirled around me like a perfect floral cloud.

“Even if this is all a dream, I think I’m going to enjoy myself.” The words were really just me thinking aloud, but Coco laughed in response.

“The enjoyment has only just begun.” She waved her hand toward the tub with a flourish. “I’ll go down and see about dinner. Oh, and you’ll need a few more towels.” 

She left me standing in the middle of her glorious bathroom. Just as my mouth had watered at the sight of the cupcakes, it was watering at the sight of the sumptuous bath. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d allowed myself the luxury of soaking in a bubble filled tub. 

I was like a kid locked in a candy store overnight. I knew the smart, proper and reasonable thing would be to call someone or find a way out, but, just like any real and truly smart kid, I decided to take advantage of the delights being offered. 

I slipped off the crisp blue coat, the one that I’d had perfectly tailored to match the pencil skirt that now felt tight and constricting. I pushed off my designer heels and reached back to unzip the skirt. I pushed it off and stepped out of it. My blouse, bra and panties fell in a neat pile next to the tub. Coco had seen to everything. A satiny sleep blindfold was resting on top of a plush white towel. 

I dipped my toes into the water. It was an ideal temperature. I briefly tried to deduce how she’d managed to have a perfectly warm bath waiting for an unexpected guest, but it took far too much thinking. 

I stepped into the water. Teeny, opalescent bubbles floated up as my body sank down into the lavender-scented water. I put the blindfold over my head and pulled it down over my eyes. My elbow hit the bar of soap resting on the edge of the tub. It thudded on the floor. I was too cozy in my bubble quilt to reach for it.

The tub was designed perfectly for reclining. I relaxed back with a long sigh. 

A rush of cool air ushered inside the bathroom and footsteps plodded over the tile floor. Coco returning with the towels, I decided. 

“Coco, I think I just invented a new type of sigh. It’s one that goes perfectly with the act of melting one’s body into a splendid tub of warm water.” I repeated the sound, and it swished around the room like a lost whisper. “Thank you so much for this. If you don’t see me in the morning, you’ll find me still sitting beneath the bubbles. You can just leave the towels. If it’s not too much trouble, could you retrieve the bar of soap? I knocked it off the edge.”

Footsteps tapped the tile as Coco neared the bath. I was growing drowsy behind the blindfold as I lazily lifted my hand above the bubbles. Surprisingly callused fingertips grazed my palm as the soap landed on my hand.


“You’re welcome.” The deep voice echoed off the walls and sent me upright. 

I yanked off the blindfold and was staring at a faded pair of jeans. The bulge in front assured me of what my terror-filled mind had already surmised. Coco wasn’t the second person in the room.

I peered up at the impossibly tall man. His broad shoulders cast a giant shadow over the tub. His dark blue eyes stared down at me, more specifically at my breasts, which I’d now revealed by sitting straight up out of my bubble cloak. 

I sank back down into the water. “I don’t know how you got in here, but—”

“Came in through the door, and I heartily approve of the new type of sigh. Works well in this context.” He stooped down next to the tub with a crooked smile that could only be described as a knee wobbler, a term Cara and I had come up with for a man whose smile caused a woman’s knees to turn to jelly. The rest of his face went well with the smile. 

His hand curled around the edge of the bath. I scooted away, which was comical considering I could only move about two inches before coming up against the far side of the tub. 

“Coco sent me up here with the towels.” He inclined his head toward the vanity where he’d placed the towels. He made no attempt at hiding the fact that he was staring down into the bubbles. 

“Thank you for the towels. Now please get out.”

He didn’t move. His smile pushed a nice crease alongside his mouth that only added to its appeal. His eyes were a dark blue, framed by thick black lashes. Dark brown hair was just messy and long enough to make me take a long, steadying breath. The hair curled up nicely on the collar of his flannel shirt. For a brief, scandalous moment, I imagined running my hand through his thick head of hair. 

My uninvited bath guest rested his chin on the edge of the tub, bringing his face even with mine. One foot closer and our mouths would be pushed together. 

“Are you always this uptight when you’re soaking in a bubble bath?” he asked.

“Only when I have a big, intimidating stranger hanging on the edge of the tub.”

“I can’t do anything about the big, or intimidating”—he raised a brow about that assessment—“but—” He stuck out his hand. It was huge and looked as if it could wield a hammer as well as it could finger me into a raging orgasm. Whoa, where the heck did that erotic thought come from? Must have been the sugar high and the heady scent of lavender. The gorgeous man staring at me didn’t hurt either. 

“I’m Grayson.”

I lifted my hand from the bubbles taking care not to expose more than my arm. I placed my hand in his. It was strong and callused. I held it longer than necessary for a traditional handshake. 


“There. We’re no longer strangers.” He stood up. Once again, his massive physique cast a shadow over the bathtub. He gazed down at me as if he could see right through the bubbles. 

I squirmed a little under his scrutiny, which only helped to obliterate some of my soapy cover. “Well, it’s nice to meet you, Grayson, but as you see, I’m not really in a state to receive guests right now.”

His tilted smile returned. “Guess I’ll leave you to your bath then. But if you need anything else, towels, soap retrieved or even your back washed, just whistle. I’ll be across the hall.”

I nearly made the mistake of sitting straight up again but stopped just before my nipples popped up above the surface. “You’re staying here? At the Silk Stocking Inn?”

“Free room and board came with the handyman job. Catch you later, Jessi. Maybe next time without the bubbles.” He walked out of the bathroom before I could devise a clever retort. 

I heard the bedroom door shut and sank back down. “Glad he’s gone,” I said to myself. 

But as I lowered the blindfold over my eyes and relaxed back, all I could think about was his big, rough hands washing my back.

Books included in this bundle:

  • Easy Come
  • Sweet Spot
  • In a Bind
  • Role Play
  • Midnight Oil
  • Hot & Handy
  • Built & Badass
  • Rough & Ready
  • Cocky & Captivating
  • Strong & Seductive

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