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Steamy Standalone Romance Bundle

Steamy Standalone Romance Bundle

12 Best Selling Books One Price!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3,487+ 5-Star Reviews

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  • Hard Edge:

"Out of tragedy comes beauty. Tess Oliver has taken blank pages and created a masterpiece." ~Vine Voice Reviewer

He was more than my best friend’s brother—he was the boy who’d captured my teenage heart. Now, I was that teenage girl again, hopelessly in love with the boy across the street and nearly dizzy with the notion of standing in his arms. Only this time was different. This time he held me back, as if he wasn’t ready to let me go easily.

  • Chemistry:

"This sexy and sassy read was absolutely phenomenal" -Whoo Gives A Hoot

Jameson and Kinsey were sizzling hot magic together on-screen in Forever Kisses nine years ago, but as their relationship continued off screen, the real drama began. A tale of first love and second chances within the world of Hollywood fame.

  • My Bachelor:

"Get ready to sigh. Get ready to fantasize. Get ready to drool a lot. Rafe will be the star of many dreams in the future." -Vine Voice Reviewer

It was all just a bet…

Sealed with a Kiss has never seen a bachelor like Rafe Rockclyffe before. The long haired, motorcycle riding heartthrob is exactly what viewers of the reality show have been waiting for. Twenty beautiful women will compete to win his heart and hand in marriage, a hand he doesn't really want to give. 

  • Hard Core:

"5 PLUS Incredibly Beautiful Stars..” -Amazon Reviewer

Love can be found in the unlikeliest places…

The handsome, tattooed stranger had the kind of eyes that were hard to look away from, and he gazed at me as if we'd been friends or even lovers in a different life. He looked at me as if he knew me, and suddenly I had this flash of feeling as if I was right where I was supposed to be.

  • Brothers:

"I read all night, because I just could not put it down until I was completely finished...And I'll definitely read it again..." ~Amazon Reviewer

I knew if I didn't leave, I would die. Whether by his hand or by mine. The empty northbound boxcar was my magic carpet, my chance to leave and never look back. I needed to find one person—one person I could love and trust. One person who could love me back. Just one person. Instead . . . I found two.

A steamy, angsty MFM romance

  • Wingman:

"This is a wonderful book of loss, love and moving on from a tragic past." -Amazon Reviewer

They came out of nowhere. Two strangers, one tall with dark hair and a smile that could melt a frozen heart, and one with four white paws and a tail that never stopped spinning. Just a guy and his dog…I had no idea the impact they’d have on our small town. 

  • Sweet Talkin' Scoundrel:

"Great storytelling, compelling and lovable characters and one swoon-worthy romance." -Amazon reviewer

A mistake in her past has left Kinley Kennedy with no choice except to run from her old life and find one far away. But she never could have predicted what she'd discover there. Has she made the right move or is she destined to run again?

  • Rebel Love:

"It's one of those rare books that I will go back and read again and again." -Amazon reviewer

A passionate tale of unrequited love and second chances.

For a long time, I thought of that kiss, the kiss that unraveled everything, the kiss that changed the course of history, as a split second decision. But there was nothing split second about an obsession. And while she might have been impetuous and wild, there sure as hell wasn't anything split second about Rebecca . . . the girl I called Rebel.

  • Look Don't Touch:

"Holy cow, it was fantastic! Look Don't Touch is unlike anything out there. The storyline is sheer brilliance!" -Amazon Reviewer

Fifty Shades meets Pretty Woman in this sinfully sexy standalone romance.

I learned from an early age that strength came from willpower and self-denial. My life was about control and without control I had nothing. Then I saw her.

I'd made the deal with Shay to prove that nothing could break me . . . but I was wrong.

  • Physical Distraction:

"I finally understand the saying it was a "page turner". Page after page I was obsessed with the characters and the story." -Vine Voice Reviewer

Jem Wolfe returned to Blackthorn Ridge to keep his brother, Dane, out of trouble. When Tashlyn Younglove moves to town, she dredges up the town's dark history, a history that involves Jem's dad. At the same time, Jem finds himself falling hard for her. Will a long buried ugly truth push Tashlyn from his arms for good?

  • Forever, Tommy:

"Angst, heartbreak, mystery, intrigue, romance, you won't be disappointed!-Amazon Vine Voice

A notorious flirt. An arrogant bad boy. A socially dysfunctional genius.

We were mismatched in so many ways, but there was something, a sort of kinship, between us all. Something we desperately needed. Something that made sense to us, and while we didn't know it then, something that would change each of us forever.

Sugar, Jules and I had run for our lives. Only our shadows had followed us. And no matter how hard we tried we couldn't outpace them.

  • Private North

“Everyone needs a Dalton! Incredible flow of reading. Secrecy, romance and a touch of sarcasm." -Amazon Reviewer

When August "Auggie" Stonefield accepts an unpaid internship working for her favorite professor, she figures it will make for a quiet, uneventful winter break. But when the professor's son, Dalton North, returns home broken and weary from the war, things are anything but quiet. And in the icy cold midst of winter, August Stonefield loses her heart and finds a burning passion she never knew she had.

  • BONUS: Moonshine:

"Swept me along into a different era, a different lifestyle. Very well written and edited. Well paced, great dialogue and realistically drawn characters.-Amazon Reviewer

A sexy, historical romance with plenty of drama, suspense and hot scenes.

In his small hometown in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Jackson Jarrett is known as a decorated war hero, a damn successful bootlegger and a man who never gives his heart to anyone. Personal tragedy and fighting on the front line in France have left Jackson scarred and hardened to the notion of falling in love until the traveling carnival with its colorful tents, exotic side shows and Charli Starfield, the beautiful and fearless motorcycle stunt rider, rolls into town.


12 full-length standalone romances + a FREE full-length bonus book: Moonshine from New York Times, USA TODAY and Amazon Bestselling author Tess Oliver.

Hard Edge:

"Out of tragedy comes beauty. Tess Oliver has taken blank pages and created a masterpiece." ~Vine Voice Reviewer

He was more than my best friend’s brother—he was the boy who’d captured my teenage heart. Now, I was that teenage girl again, hopelessly in love with the boy across the street and nearly dizzy with the notion of standing in his arms. Only this time was different. This time he held me back, as if he wasn’t ready to let me go easily.


I leaned back against the headboard again and took hold of his hand. I brought it to my mouth and kissed his knuckles. "I always figured you just tolerated me because I was with Grady all of the time." I looked over at him. "How come you never told me how you felt?" 

His profile looked even more handsome in the shadows of the room. "There were a lot of reasons, but mostly because of Grady."

I nodded as if I understood, but there were a lot of ways to interpret his answer. "If Grady did like me, in that way, he sure never let on." My voice trembled as it always did when I started thinking too hard about Grady. "I think you might have been confusing our closeness for love."

"I don't think so."

I leaned my head against his arm. He squeezed my hand in his. 

"I knew you were destined for far better than me, Trinket. I would have been in your way."

"That's not true. I spent half my teenage years dreaming about being that girl, the girl who would finally steal the most elusive heart in town. You wouldn't have been in my way. You would have been right there next to me." Without a moment's hesitation, I tossed off the sheet, climbed onto his lap and rested my head against his shoulder. Tears burned my eyes. "I loved Grady. He was my best friend. He made me laugh and cry and do stupid things and understand how important it was to have a best friend. But you were the guy who made my head spin and my knees wobble. I loved you both, but in very different ways. But when it came to you, I had to keep my feelings tucked away." A sad laugh fell from my mouth. "Although, much to my chagrin, my parents knew." I lifted my head and trailed my fingers along the side of his face to push his hair back. "Apparently I used to sit at the kitchen table and watch for you to walk by." I kissed him lightly on the mouth. "You were always dragging back and forth between houses with your backpack in tow. You always looked about as angry as you were sad that you had to split your life in two. Starry eyed dreamer that I was, I always thought if I had Caden Stratton, I wouldn't share him with anyone. I'd keep him all to myself."

"That sounds like a much better deal than I had from my parents. And, conveniently enough, if there's one person who owns me, heart and soul—" 

He kissed me as he lifted me off his lap and lowered me onto the bed. His mouth traveled down my neck and shoulders...


Tropes included:

  • It was all a bet
  • Best friend's brother
  • Fake dating
  • Forced Proximity
  • Romantic suspense
  • Second chances
  • Love after loss
  • Destined to be together
  • Hollywood fame
  • 1920s bootleggers (MOONSHINE)


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Look Inside

Excerpt from Chapter 7 of Hard Edge:

"When's the wedding?" The thought of Kenna being with anyone but me or Grady left a bitter taste of regret in my mouth. 

"We haven't set a date yet." She wrapped her arms around her legs to keep her dress from flying up and stared down at her feet as they dug a ditch in the sand. "Mostly because I just can't see myself as a bride . . . or a wife . . . or a lawyer."

I looked at her, but she stayed focused on her feet. She rested her chin on her knees. "Just not sure if I've made any of the right decisions. And now, I've been reminded just how short life can be. I want to be sure I'm not making some major mistakes, mistakes that would be complicated to erase."

"You should definitely be sure before you jump into marriage," I said far too enthusiastically. 

"Trust me, I know. Unfortunately, my mom's already got wedding fever. I feel bad that my fever just isn't there yet."

"Never really pictured you as the big wedding type."

She looked over at me. "See, you know me better than my mom, and, dare I say, better than my fiancé. Of course he tends to project his likes and wishes onto me. For Jeremy, it's very much about the image he wants to present, specifically the image that goes along with being a hotshot east coast lawyer."

I leaned back on my elbows. "I don't think I'd approve of this guy."

She turned to look at me. Her hair flowed back off her face, exposing her creamy skin and the sweet smile I always loved. "As I recall, you and Grady never approved of anyone I dated. Especially Grady." Her focus returned to the hole she had her feet tucked inside. She'd dug deep enough with her toes to find the layer of wet sand beneath the dry. I could tell she'd drifted off to a Grady memory. "Still can't believe he skipped out on our senior prom just because he hated my date, Doug. It wasn't like he was going to have to dance with the guy or anything. And Doug was one of the nicest guys in school."

I watched her as she tried to puzzle out Grady's complete overreaction to her choice of prom date. She seemed to go right past the obvious. 

There were two reasons I'd never told her the truth, the first being that Grady would have been pissed off if I had, and the second because I was hiding the same truth about my own feelings for Kenna. And now Grady was gone, and Kenna would eventually leave to marry some asshole, who, no doubt, didn't deserve her. 

"Damn, Trinket, you really don't know, do you?"

She looked at me. "Know what?"

"Grady didn't approve of your date or any date because he was in love with you."

Her pink lips curled on the sides. She worked hard to tame a long strand of blonde hair back behind her ear. "Grady loved me, but he wasn't in love with me."

I gazed at her. There was a tiny flicker in her expression that seemed as if she was page flipping through some of the past to see if there had been something she'd missed, some clues about the way Grady felt about her. But she wouldn't find anything. He'd kept his true feelings hidden to the point that he'd gotten nearly sick from it. And, all the while that he'd kept this secret from her, I had been keeping one of my own. Not just from Kenna but from my brother too. 

She shook her head. "I think you're just mistaking a close friendship with love." 

The subject seemed to sadden her, and I decided to drop it. None of it mattered now. Grady was gone, and once Kenna was married and practicing law in New York, she'd be gone from my life too. 

I stood up and brushed the sand off my jeans. Kenna squinted up into the bright sky as she stared up at me. I reached back to the collar of my shirt.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm going in the water."

"In your jeans?"

I started lifting off the shirt.

"Wait," she said, "I need to get into character. What was her name?"

"Kiki Dinklefrost?"

"Yeah, that's it. Good memory. Kiki Dinklefrost. She was my alter ego to combat the stupid rounds of whistles you guys would taunt me with when I stripped down to my bathing suit. Let me see if I can remember my lines. I need my invisible microphone." She held her fingers in a circle around a pretend mic and lifted it to her mouth. "And a stunned, awe-filled hush falls over the female half of the crowd on the beach as Caden Stratton removes his shirt and unveils the master—" Her words fell off and her mouth dropped open as my shirt came off.

"Uh, I think you dropped your microphone, Kiki."

"Jeez," she muttered. "Let me just mention that the teenage Caden doesn't hold a candle to the all grown up one. I like what you've done with yourself and the tattoos work too."

"Glad you approve." I lowered my hand. 

She looked at it in confusion. "You don't expect me to go in. This dress is dry-clean only and would be kind of impractical in the ocean."

I lowered my hand. "Suit yourself, but the teenage Trinket, the star of the swim team and Kiki Dinklefrost's alter ego, wouldn't have given a damn about the dress." I turned and lumbered toward the water. 

My feet had just hit the froth that lingered along wet sand when Kenna went running past me, clutching the skirt of her dress, as she plowed into the water. Before I could catch up to her, she dove in and emerged out past the line where the waves were breaking. She smoothed her wet hair back and waved for me to join her. "Thought you were going swimming," she called. "Not wading in like my grandma getting into the whirlpool at the gym."

I dove under and swam toward her, popping up close enough to startle her. She splashed my face and swam out of my reach. Then she slowed down and floated up on her back. Her dress and her pale hair spread out around her as she closed her eyes. Another moment of sad silence swept over us. It had been like that all day, minutes in time where we smiled and thought about the past, temporarily forgetting. Then it would drag back over us, the bleak, hopeless feeling of loss and disbelief. 

Kenna's thoughts seemed to mirror my own. She didn't look up or open her eyes as I swam closer to her. Her arms moved out like wings in the water to keep herself afloat in the rolling tide. "I feel as if my emotions are moving like the water. Up and down. For a second I'm able to tolerate the pain and then boom, it just hits me again like a bus plowing into me at full speed."

She pushed her feet down. Salty water sparkled on her clumped together long lashes. Before I knew what was happening, she circled her arm around my neck and hopped up so that I was carrying her in the water. My heart thundered in my chest, and she had no idea. 

"You were a good big brother to him, Caden." She reached up and pushed wet hair off my forehead, another gesture that nearly sent me over the edge. "Just thought you should know that." She leaned her head against my shoulder. 

A wave rolled under us and we floated up as if on a cloud of air, then my feet touched the sandy bottom again. I held tightly onto her.

Books included in this bundle:

  • Chemistry
  • My Bachelor
  • Hard Core
  • Hard Edge
  • Brothers
  • Wingman
  • Sweet Talkin' Scoundrel
  • Rebel Love
  • Look Don't Touch
  • Physical Distraction
  • Forever, Tommy
  • Private North
  • BONUS: Moonshine

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