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Silk Stocking Inn Steamy Romance Series Bundle

Silk Stocking Inn Steamy Romance Series Bundle

5 Bestselling Books One Price!

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Hot & Handy:

"There's a fine line between reality and fantasy and all it takes is the right amount of desire to cross that line." ~Coco, owner of the Silk Stocking Inn

Jessi has it all, success, money and a corner office with a view. The only thing she doesn't have is the right man. But when a wrong turn lands her at the welcome mat of the Silk Stocking Inn, and in the arms of hot handyman, Grayson, Jessi's well-planned life is turned upside down . . . both in and out of bed.

Jessi is about to get a tasty sample of love, erotic fantasies and red velvet cupcakes. (Recipe is included!)

Built & Badass:

"Only your heart can lead you to a happy ending."

Emmie loves her dream job as head librarian, even if her days are a little too quiet and her work shoes are a bit too sensible. When she yearns for something slightly more dangerous and considerably less sensible for her love life, she breaks off with her snobbish bore of a boyfriend and finds herself inexplicably on the doorstep of the Silk Stocking Inn.

When she meets Beck, the massively built, tattooed biker, who is staying across the hall, Emmie wonders if she's stepped too far out of her sensible life or if she's found just what she was looking for.

Rough & Ready:

"Sometimes you've got to look to your past to find your future."

After a tragic childhood, Rebecca now has everything she needs for happiness, a great job as producer on a popular kid's show and a loving fiancé, Nate, her long time college sweetheart. But when her relationship takes a bad turn, she once again finds herself trying to cope with heartbreak and disappointment. When a wrong turn takes her to the door of the Silk Stocking Inn, Rebecca meets Jackson, a sweet talkin' cowboy with a mesmerizing green gaze and just enough swagger to warm her heart and . . . a few other places too.

Cocky & Captivating:

"Every story needs a happy ending."

Ginger, a successful engineer by day and steamy romance writer by night, has everything she could ever want . . . wellalmosteverything. Her own story is missing a crucial part—the swoon-worthy hero who will lead to happily ever after.

In the real world, the world outside the fantastical Silk Stocking Inn, Ginger never allows men to control her. But once she crosses the threshold of the magical inn and meets the incredibly handsome and slightly rogue Captain Turner, Ginger wants nothing more than to be his captive, his plaything.

Is Turner the man who will finally give Ginger that elusive happy ending?

Strong & Seductive:

A sexy standalone filled withsnow flurries,seductionand anirresistible alpha. . . not to mention the incredibly decadent sugarplum cupcakes.(Yes, the recipe is included!)

Jen has made her mark in the tech world, she's created a successful life for herself but she's sorely lacking one important thing—Passion. Jen's on her way to a weekend work retreat when she finds herself lost and her car impossibly lodged in a snowbank. When the hulking and breathtakingly handsome forest ranger, Holt, comes to her rescue Jen is transported to a truly magical winter wonderland where fantasies become realities. Despite the subzero temperatures outside, the sparks begin to fly within the walls of the Silk Stocking Inn.

This steamy, hot bundle contains the full Silk Stocking Inn series. More than 150,000 words of sexual fantasies that become realities!

"Get ready for romance. Get ready for the gorgeous alpha male. Get ready for hot sex. Get ready for a happily ever after that is so believable that it gives hope to all that have the dream of the one."
 -Vine Voice Reviewer

~*Excerpt from Built & Badass*~

His long, black lashes dropped down along with his gaze as he surveyed my outfit. “Damn, library lady, don’t know if I’ve ever seen a woman rock a pair of pajamas like you’re rocking those.”

“Yes, well—” I did a runway model turn for him. “And I might return the compliment. You rock those tattoos pretty well too. In fact, all of this”—I waved my hand in front of him—“is working for you.”

“How about you?”

I peered up at him. “How about me, what?”

“Is it working for you?”

I swallowed and locked my unsteady knees beneath me. “Yes,” the word squeaked out. I took a deep breath. “Did you hear that little bird chirp just now? That means it’s really working for me.”

He reached forward, took hold of my arm and pulled me into his room. The decor in the bedroom on this side of the hallway was decidedly more masculine, with a dark walnut dresser and four post canopy bed. There was a mountain of pillows and tan curtains were tied up to each post. The linens were of a green and blue tartan plaid instead of the floral prints in my room.

Beck’s big hands cupped my face, and he lifted it to his mouth, where he quickly returned to the amazing kiss that he’d left me with in the hallway. His hands slid easily beneath the watery fabric of the pajamas. He smoothed his slightly callused palms over the bare skin of my back.

“The fabric is soft,” he muttered against my lips, “but the skin is even softer. You are a damn treat from head to toe, Emmie. My cock’s been hard for you since you sashayed toward me to pick up that chalk.”

I’d never had any man speak so brazenly to me in my life, and it should have stopped me cold from what I was about to do. Instead, it had the opposite effect. I found myself nearly crumpling against him, wanting him to take me naked to his bed. My head spun with the idea of it. And the ache in my pussy became stronger with each stroke of his tongue and each caress of his hand. 

He was muscle and raw power, and it seemed he could easily crush me in his arms. That difference in our size and strength not only made me feel that much more vulnerable, it made me want him that much more.

“Say no now, Em, or this is going until the end.” His voice was ragged and deep. “I need to know you want this before I give in to it.” I could feel him holding back with every ounce of his self-control. 

I leaned forward and kissed his chest and his shoulder. “I want this, Beck. I want you.”


*Each book is approximately 30,000 words. Each book is a complete standalone and can be read in any order.

WARNING: A stay at the Silk Stocking Inn is nothing short of magical. Your deepest, dirtiest fantasies will come true.

Hot & Handy:
Successful businesswoman meets rough around the edges handyman
Built & Badass: Librarian meets strong, tattooed biker
Rough & Ready: Television producer meets swoon-worthy cowboy
Cocky & Captivating: Engineer meets rogue boat captain
Strong & Seductive: Tech mogul meets breathtakingly handsome forest ranger


Tropes included:

  • Strong female
  • Alpha male
  • Magical realism
  • Fantasy becomes reality
  • Forced proximity
  • Good girl falls for the bad boy


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Look Inside

Chapter 1 of Built & Badass:

He shouldn’t have caught my attention, but he had. My eyes followed the fiery skull on the back of his leather cut. The swagger in his walk was only made more pronounced by the shit kicking motorcycle boots shoved beneath his faded and ripped jeans. He looked ridiculously out of place in Kennedy’s Korner, the bistro slash coffee bar slash hip hangout for the intellectual elite. At least that was what my current boyfriend, David, considered himself. His self-absorbed friends were equally pompous. 

David took a drink from his crafted beer. The biker caught his attention too, only his reaction was the opposite of mine. I was intrigued by the intimidating, out of place stranger. David was, most decidedly, not. His nostrils flared wide in disgust, a facial expression he and his friends had seemingly practiced in a mirror because they had it down to an art. “Good god, since when does Kennie allow ogres into his place?”

Chandler and Tara laughed at his comment. I, on the other hand, was bored with my group and kept an interested eye on the man. 

Tonight, David and Chandler, his roommate from Yale, along with Chandler’s girlfriend, Tara, were busy in one of their more mind-numbingly, dull political debates. I knew it was best to keep my opinions to myself when it came to David and politics. David had grown up an east coast aristocrat in a typically uptight and proper family setting. I’d grown up on the opposite side of the country with my single mother, who was, most assuredly, not an aristocrat or uptight. We’d even spent a good portion of my younger years living in a commune where we’d grown our own food and dyed our own clothes—with vegetable dye, of course. But my rather unorthodox upbringing had always been filled with love, and my mom had encouraged me to grow my mind at every opportunity. I’d graduated at the top of my class in high school, and I’d gone on to Berkeley to earn a degree. I was working my dream job as head librarian in a large public library. I’d met David at work, where he had been spending a lot of time doing research for his master’s thesis. 

With all of my table mates deep in debate, I took the opportunity to watch the rather dangerous looking but fascinating newcomer. He strolled briskly, boots stomping with confidence, across the polished wood floor to a blonde who was sitting at the bar counter. She looked like the type who might sing in a band or deal cards at a posh casino. Her face broke wide in a gleaming white smile the second she spotted the man. 

The biker’s tattoos rolled back and forth on his massive bicep as he wrapped his arm around the woman and kissed her. It wasn’t a peck either. It was long and intense. Watching it made a flush warm my face.

“What do you think, Emmie?” David’s question pulled my attention back to our small, circular table.

“Uh no, David, you know I won’t get into a political discussion with you. It will only end up with you feeling superior and me being angry.” I wasn’t completely sure when it had happened, but the elation I had experienced when David and I first started dating had dissolved.

My curt comment had covered the table with an awkward silence. I was sure I’d have to endure a lecture about it on the way home tonight.

I sat back and sipped my coffee, signaling that they may continue with their tedious conversation while I enjoyed my latte. I heard a chain jangle and the massive boots pound the wooden floor behind me. As my friends regained their debate momentum, I snuck a peek at the biker and his girlfriend as they walked out of the bistro. No surprise that they didn’t stick it out in the haughty, tedious place for long. 

Quickly, my active imagination created a scenario of what the rest of the couple’s night would be like. Crazy make out session in a dark booth in the back of some rock n roll biker’s bar, a place that was the complete opposite of Kennedy’s Korner. Then off to an unobtrusive apartment to finish what they’d started in the bar. Sheets everywhere, lots of naked skin and maybe a little wild play in the midst of it all. A man like that would not be dull in bed. Envy was my middle name tonight.

After my cohorts had finished with their closing arguments, none of them any more enlightened than when they’d started the inane debate, we paid the check and went our separate ways. 

David took hold of my arm as we headed down the block to his Audi. Actually, hold was the wrong word. It was more of a pinch and a harsh one at that. I scowled down at his hand. 

“David, you’re hurting me.”

He released me immediately. “Sorry,” he said gruffly. “What’s wrong with you lately, Emmie?”

“I’m not following,” I said curtly. Of course I knew exactly what he was referring to, but I decided to let him spell it out to see if he could figure out the source of my discontent. He was, after all, the psychologist.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about. When we’re out with my friends, you’re aloof and disinterested. Hell, you fell just short of disdainful tonight.”

“Maybe I’m just bored of always doing the same thing and always being with your friends.”

He took hold of my arm this time but was mindful not to pinch. He did, however, yank me just sharply enough to snap me around to face him. Months ago, when we’d started dating, I thought he was the most handsome man in the world, the ultimate catch for any girl. But lately his always neatly combed hair and smoothly shaved jaw were losing their appeal. 

Before he could spin off into one of his lectures, where he resorted to talking to me like some silly, immature girl, I reached up and brushed my fingers along his baby smooth face. “Have you ever thought about growing a beard? Even just an impressive five o’clock shadow might do the trick.”

“Do what trick? And you’re changing the damn subject.”

“I don’t know—the trick that will rekindle that spark we used to have.” I pressed my body closer. “I know. Let’s not go back to your place. Let’s drive to the shady side of town, find some really gritty bar and make out in the back booth.”

David shook his head and continued toward the car. 

I hurried to keep up with his long legs. “It wouldn’t have to be a full make out. You know, just some really heavy petting and a lot of kisses.”

“Can never have a serious conversation with you anymore, Em.”

I stopped just five feet from his sparkly luxury sedan and thought if I had a fairy godmother, I’d have her turn the sedan into a motorcycle and put a beard and leather jacket on the polished man standing next to the car. “Are you fucking kidding?” I asked. “Serious conversations are the only thing we ever have. What I want to know is when does the fun, the excitement, the spontaneity start?”

He ignored me and opened the passenger door.  I stood there for a very long moment and then shook my head. 

“You go on ahead, David. I’m going to find a cab or an Uber ride.” I turned and started walking away.

“Emmie,” he called.

For a fleeting second, I thought he’d capitulate and agree to go to some unhip, off the beaten path bar, like I’d suggested. At the very least, I expected for him to try and make amends. 

I turned around. There was a look of concern on his face. I almost patted myself on the back for waking him up to the idea that this relationship needed a major overhaul. But then he opened his mouth.

“But you’ll still make sure I get that table near the reference desk for my research Monday? There’s too much glare on that table by the window and too much noise at the one near the children’s library.”

I blinked at him and wondered just when I’d ever found him the slightest bit interesting. I think my mind had concocted the check off list for the ideal man, only my mind had had it all wrong. 

“It’s first come, first served for those tables. You’re on your own.” I rolled my eyes as I turned back around, thinking I’d just wasted six damn months of my life with that man.

Books included in this bundle:

  • Hot & Handy
  • Built & Badass
  • Rough & Ready
  • Cocky & Captivating
  • Strong & Seductive

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