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"There was a time when I would read someones review and not truly believe that they could just "Love absolutely everything" that particular author wrote... until now, until Tess Oliver." ~Amazon Reviewer

After too many deep dives as an underwater welder, Seth Barringer needs to stay on land for awhile. He and a friend rent a California beach house. Seth plans to spend the summer months pursuing his favorite hobby— women. But when he meets Noelle Coltrane, his plans are obliterated. Seth Barringer has finally met his forever girl . . . but can he break through the steel barrier Noelle has constructed around her heart?

Noelle Coltrane lost her husband, high school sweetheart and soul mate, Hayden Coltrane, two years ago when his helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan.
There has never been anyone else but Hayden.Now Seth Barringer has walked into her life wreaking havoc on her emotions and stirring up feelings she thought long gone. She finds herself struggling between her sense of loyalty to the man she once loved and her attraction Seth.


Sneak Peek at Seth:

“Grace is pretty and fun and a great girl, but I’m not interested. I know I should never have gone home with her after the party, but unfortunately, I’m a guy . . . and you know how it is.”

I lifted a brow at Seth. “Not really. Maybe you should explain it to me.”

We stepped up to the bar. He ordered four beers. He turned and leaned against the counter and gazed down at me. “Look,” he said, “I thought it was obvious, but I’ll spell it out. I like you. I would very much like to get to know you.”

I froze at the suggestion. But it wasn’t because I would never even consider it. That was not why a sudden cold knot had formed in my stomach. It was because for the first time in two years, for the first time since I’d lost Hayden, I’d met a man who stirred me, physically at least. 

My throat tightened, and instinctively, I took hold of the dog tags that always hung near my heart, where they belonged. I’d grabbed my necklace to remind myself where my true love belonged, with Hayden, and not with the extremely appealing man standing in front of me. 

Seth peered down at my fingers clutching the metal tags. “I’m not asking to replace him. I know that’s impossible. I’m just asking for you to make a little room for me in your life. We could try it out and see where it goes.”

I shook my head. “Sorry, Seth. It’s not going to happen.”

He lifted his hands in surrender. “I get it. You’re not interested. I’m fine with that.”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t interested. It’s just not going to happen.”



  • Military romance
  • Love after loss
  • Playboy in love
  • Soulmates 

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