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She's trapped.
I was a game piece in Trace Gamble's fantasy world, where he was king and everyone else was a pawn.

He made a promise.
I will fight him for you, and I will win.

What starts as one night of
secret pleasure soon becomes so much more.

When Jericho Walsh was handed the Bedlam MC president's patch, he decided to find more legitimate ways for the outlaw club to make money. A job providing security for Trace Gamble, a wealthy casino owner, takes Jericho and his two closest friends to Lake Tahoe. Jericho soon finds that Gamble can't be trusted. But Jericho finds a reason to stay. Roxie Palmer.
A terrible secret has Roxie bound to Gamble but Jericho has decided he's not leaving Tahoe without her.

Roxie Palmer has been stuck playing girlfriend to Trace Gamble for a year, and she hates him more each day. But if she leaves him, her family will suffer the consequences. Up until now, she'd accepted her fate of living in a loveless relationship with a man she despises. But Jericho Walsh, Trace's newest employee, has swept into her life with his amazing looks and dangerous charm, and
now all she can think of is breaking free.


Sneak Peek at Richo:

I lifted her chin with my finger. “This is a face that should always be smiling.” I’d stolen a kiss earlier but decided I needed to slow down. I needed to make sure I wasn’t doing anything that would put her in danger. Gamble wasn’t home now, but I also knew what Reed had said was true— I had no control when it came to beautiful women. And Roxie went way past that. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. 

I released her chin. There was a glimmer of disappointment in her face. 

“I’ll go slow,” I said as I climbed on.

“Don’t you dare.” She swung her leg over behind me. The second she wrapped her arms around my waist and pressed her body against mine, I knew there wasn’t going to be anything slow about the night.



  • Damsel in distress
  • Secret romance
  • Dark past
  • High heat


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