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Custom Culture FMX MEGA Bundle

Custom Culture FMX MEGA Bundle

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Book 1: Freefall

New York Times & USA Today Bestseller

After leaving high school, with a hard won diploma and the title of most likely to break hearts, Alexander “Nix” Pierce has left his wild, out of control years mostly behind him. A small inheritance from his grandfather has given him the funds to open up his tattoo shop, Freefall, and he has started to pull his life together. Aside from trying to keep his best friend, Dray, from killing himself in the fight ring, and his slight obsession with a pin-up model he’s never met, Nix’s life is going smoothly . . . until Scotlyn James, the object of his obsession, walks into his shop.

Ever since a tragic accident killed her family and left her alone in the world, Scotlyn James hasn’t spoken one word. Up until now she didn’t care that she had no way of talking to people. Her awful aunt would never have listened, and Lincoln Hammond the arrogant, selfish man who pulled her from the streets of Los Angeles wouldn’t hear her words if she could speak. But when Lincoln insists she get a tattoo to cover up a scar on her side, Scotlyn meets the artist, Nix Pierce. And now she longs for her voice. Now she has found someone who will hear her.

What readers are saying: 
"A must read! She kept me glued to the page and literally carrying the book around all day just to sneak a page or 2 in between EVERYTHING allowing me to finish in one day!!" -Amazon Reviewer

Book 2: Clutch

When Taylor Flinn’s parents shipped her off to an aunt for her last year of high school, James “Clutch” Mason had convinced himself it was for the best. Taylor, the wild, impulsive and far-too-appealing seventeen-year-old had been driving him nuts. Her school girl crush on him had been the last thing he needed. Now he had time to concentrate on his booming classic car part business, his new found love--drag racing, and keeping his twenty-year-old brother Barrett out of trouble.

But when Taylor returns from her aunt’s more grown up, utterly seductive, and attached to another guy, Clutch realizes that the only thing he ever needed or wanted was Taylor Flinn.

What readers are saying:
"Hot! I was thrilled with Clutch. Don’t start this book unless you plan on missing sleep to finish it! Tess Oliver tells a gritty, fun, realistic story." -Amazon reviewer

Book 3: Dray

When Cassie, the woman he loves, leaves him for a job in New York, Dray Warner finds his life falling apart. With nothing else to lose he takes up his friend, Barrett Mason’s, offer to head down to Mexico for some surfing and good times. But Dray’s conscience, hot temper and extreme fighting skills hurl him into a world of danger . . . a danger that could cost him his life.

Cassie Carlton was sure she was making the right decision accepting her dream job in New York. She and Dray had parted ways and while she remains heartbroken by the break up, she needs to move on with her life. But when Cassie learns that Dray is in trouble, she realizes she will sacrifice anything to save him.

What readers are saying:
"Still fanning in the series yet!" -Amazon reviewer

Book 4: Rett

Barrett "Rett" Mason has never found the one girl who can tame his wild heart. And sometimes life is just easier and less complicated without love. While working for Kingston Construction, Barrett becomes fast friends with the owner's son, Cole. They have one major thing in common—their insatiable appetite for women. But when Barrett meets Cole's sister Finley, the easy, care-free, no commitment lifestyle he's grown used to suddenly loses its appeal. Now Barrett has met his match and the one girl who is just too damn impossible to walk out on.

For several years, Finley King has been a slave to the anxiety disorder that gripped her and kept her from enjoying life. Now with the support of her family, friends, and medication she is on the mend. But the one thing she lacks in her otherwise lush existence as a rock star's daughter is passion. Barrett Mason is about to change that...

*NOTE: You can read more about Finley and Cole King before Rett in Strangely Normal—reading it first is recommended but not necessary.

What readers are saying:
"OMG this author in this series has given me all I want to read: 4 of the HOTTEST, SEXIEST, ENTERTAINING, SEX GODS, there are not enough words in Webster's to describe these great characters. And the women they all fell in love with, suited each of the guys to a "T"." -Amazon Reviewer

Book 5: Nix & Scotlyn: The Wedding

Nix Pierce has been in love with Scotlyn James since long before he met her, and now he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. But is Scotlyn ready?

What readers are saying:
"The Wedding was everything it should have been and more; intimate but glamorous and so full of love." -Amazon Reviewer

Book 6: Clutch & Taylor: The Wedding

The characters you've grown to know and love throughout the last five books are back! Join Nix, Clutch, Dray, Rett and all the girls as Clutch and Taylor prepare to tie the knot.

What readers are saying:

"A totally enjoyable read, and Tess Oliver at her finest makes this book stay with you for a long time after it is read!" -Amazon Reviewer

Strangely Normal

A unique summer job lands eighteen-year-old Eden Saxon into a lifestyle completely different than her own. She becomes a companion for nineteen-year-old Finley King, the daughter of a rock legend. Finley suffers from severe anxiety, and her father fears her being alone. Eden leaves her loving, but wildly dysfunctional, parents and dreary apartment and enters a world where no luxury is overlooked. She instantly adores Finley and her charming, quirky personality. The whole situation has only one flaw– Finley’s older brother, Jude. Jude King is cocky, arrogant and irritating. Unfortunately, he’s also completely irresistible.

Eden realizes she’s underestimated the depth of Finley’s problems, and suddenly her dream job turns out to be a lot more than she’d expected. Eden soon finds herself in over her head . . . and her heart.

What readers are saying:
"I absolutely loved this story!!!" -Amazon reviewer

FMX Bros:

Book 1—Cole

Rowdy. Tattooed. Cocky. Seductive.

Has bad boy Cole King finally met his match—a woman who will spin his entire world around? What starts as a simple bet soon becomes so much more.

Cole King lives the bachelor's dream life. He runs the family construction company and spends his free time in Southern California riding freestyle motocross with his two friends, Denver and Rodeo. Being the son of legendary rock star, Nicky King, Cole has always followed in his dad's footsteps, bouncing from girl to girl and never really stopping to fall in love. But when Rodeo bets Cole that he can't land a date with his neighbor, Kensington Modante, heiress to the Modante Winery, he accepts the challenge. Cole soon discovers that win or lose, it's a bet that will turn his heart upside down.

Kensington "Kensie" Modante has never been able to find the man that can win and keep her heart. She's decided she just doesn't need a man to stir up her contented, albeit slightly dull life where she spends most of her time helping her dad run his winery and riding horses. When Kensie meets Cole King he is just interesting and hot enough to give romance another try. But has she risked her heart for another chance at love or disappointment?

Book 2—Rodeo

Fearless. Protective. Tough. Sexy.

"We hadn't seen each other in years, but it felt as if we'd never parted."

Six years ago, Parker "Rodeo" Stevens left Montana and his dad's horse ranch to follow his dreams of riding freestyle motocross in California. And he's never looked back. But when hometown ex-girlfriend Sayler Russell shows up in town, she stirs up all kinds of old feelings, plenty of passion and a whole lot of trouble.

Sayler Russell left Montana to get away from a terrible marriage. She takes refuge in California and soon finds herself back in the arms of Parker Stevens, the one person in Montana who ever understood her. But a bad decision has put her in danger and now she has no choice but to run again.

Book 3—Denver

Strong. Passionate. Confident.

Will Denver's irresistible new neighbor be the one to finally capture this FMX bro's heart?

When Denver Mathison moves into a house at the beach, the last thing he expects is a beautiful and tempting upstairs neighbor. As his attachment to Jami Holliday, the beautiful musician, grows stronger, Denver must face the heartbreaking reality that her stay is short and that soon Jami will be walking out of his life for good.Jami Holliday is taking a vacation from her busy professional life and her overbearing mom. What she doesn't expect on her little sprint of freedom is to meet hunky, brainy freestyle motocross rider, Denver Mathison. Now she wonders just how she'll be able to tear herself away from the man who has stolen her heart.


New York Times & USA Today bestselling series!

All 6 bestselling Custom Culture novels, the complete FMX Bros Trilogy AND Strangely Normal are all included. That's 10 full Books! Every book that is related to the Custom Culture world can be found in this exclusive bundle.


"A must read! She kept me glued to the page and literally carrying the book around all day just to sneak a page or 2 in between EVERYTHING allowing me to finish in one day!!" -Amazon Reviewer


A sneak peek at Freefall:

I stared out the window and braced myself against the side of the bus hoping to cushion some of the movement. My eyes ached as I fought back tears. I picked up my phone. “Will I see you today?” I wrote.

“I’ll try to get away from the shop for a few minutes. Everything all right?”

Tears rolled down my face, and I wiped them away with the palm of my hand. I could cry right in front of Lincoln, and it would take him awhile to notice that I was upset. Nix could sense my agony with a five-word text. “I just need your arms around me. I need the man who can hear me even when I can’t speak.”

There was a pause. “Where are you?”

“I’m on the bus. I’m fine. Just having a self-pity moment. Really bad morning.” I cried harder now. “I miss the sound of your voice. I miss the sound of my voice.”

The phone rang and the unfamiliar sound of it startled me. “Scotlyn,” his deep voice was soothing, and I closed my eyes and covered my open ear to drown out the clamor of the bus. “I will take you from him, Scotlyn,” he said with quiet confidence.

I sniffled into the phone.

“I think about you every fucking minute of the day, and I will not let you slip out of my life. I will take you from him.” He hung up.

I curled up against the pain and watched the blur of traffic thinking about all I’d been through since that fateful day when the tires had screeched and the sky and ground had turned into a melted nightmare of twisted metal, broken glass, and blood.




  • Friends-to-lovers
  • Sports
  • Girl next door
  • Forced proximity
  • Second chance
  • Age gap
  • Damsel in distress
  • She's already taken
  • It was all a bet


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Look Inside

Freefall Chapter 1: Nix

The throbbing in my head was compounded by the thwack my skull received as I hit it against the legs of my dresser. I groaned as I turned onto my side and came face to face with the side of my mattress. Either I’d been too drunk to find my bed before passing out or I’d started my tequila induced coma on the bed and at some point I’d fallen onto the floor. The morning tide rolled beneath the houseboat. Normally I wouldn’t have noticed the motion, but this morning it felt like a tsunami. 

Pressing my fingers against my temples did nothing to ease the pain. With some effort, I hoisted myself up to sit on the bed and dropped my lead-filled head into my hands. The smell of freshly brewed coffee drifted into the room, and I took a deep breath. Remarkably, it seemed to revive me. The clanging noise of dishes being washed sounded like an explosion, but I had to hand it to Dray, he’d obviously recuperated much faster than me. The fact that he’d not only started the coffee but had decided to wash the dishes too was completely out of his character, but I wasn’t going to complain. I pulled on my jeans and headed to the galley for coffee. Hopefully it was black as tar this morning.

The second I stepped into the coffin-sized living room of the houseboat I knew something was off. It was clean. The couch and floor were actually visible. Apparently, a night of partying had given my roommate super powers. Either that or he didn’t have his portion of the rent. I was leaning toward the latter.

“Holy shit, Dray—” I stepped into the galley, and Cassie looked up from her newspaper. She pushed her black rimmed glasses up higher on her tiny nose and blinked up at me through the thick lenses. Her small, cute face hidden by giant glasses always reminded me of a Dr Seuss character. Only this Susie Who was a character I couldn’t live without. My tattoo parlor, Freefall, could not run without her. 

Cassie returned her attention to her newspaper and held up a cup of coffee as if she’d read my thoughts, which she often did. “I’ve already put the sugar in. And it’s strong. I figured you’d need it.”

I took the hot cup in my hands. “You’re like an angel sent from heaven.”

She continued reading the paper. “Damn right I am.” Then she peered up at me through a curtain of long black bangs. “You two boys would never have made it home last night. It’s a good thing you called me.”

The night was coming back to me in a series of crappy events. Dray had talked me into going to a party, and somehow, we’d ended up in a drinking tournament. Then the night had gone black, which was probably a good thing. “Thanks for coming to get us, Cassie. I hope we didn’t ruin any plans you had.”

She lifted a brow, and her diamond stud twinkled back at me. “Well, I was deep in conversation with my cat when you called, but I’m sure he’ll get over it.” A moan of pain rolled through the houseboat. “He’s much worse off than you. At some point during the night, he must have gotten into a fight because he had swollen knuckles and a black eye.”

Thinking back to the evening made my head hurt more so I stopped. “Nothing new. For Dray, it’s not a successful evening unless he’s plowed his fist into someone’s face.” 

Cassie took a sip of coffee. “He’s such an ass.” It was something she said often, and it was true. But I was the only person who knew how she truly felt about Dray. 

Dray stumbled from his room and crashed into the bathroom with all the grace of a blind bull. A series of moans echoed through the boat.

Cassie stared toward the bathroom door. “Jerk. Deserves every minute of agony this morning.”

The boat lifted and sank, and a wave of nausea rolled through me. “This is why I hate drinking. Not worth the torment. Especially if you live on a boat.” I glanced into the front room. “Thanks for cleaning up in there.”

“You guys live like swine. Besides, it was too late to drive home, and I couldn’t find the damn couch.” She stood and put her cup in the sink. “Do you want me to make you some eggs before I leave?”

I put up my hand. “Please don’t mention—” I couldn’t even bring myself to say the word without wanting to puke. “Don’t mention those little white things.”

The bathroom door opened and Dray’s feet pounded the floor as he lumbered into the galley. He was shirtless, and he’d not even taken the time to button up the fly on his jeans. 

I shook my head. “Shit, Dray, shut that before stuff falls out of there. We’ve got a visitor.”

“Where?” he looked around. One side of his face was puffy and bruised. 

“Asshole.” Cassie walked over to the small refrigerator and grabbed out the bag of frozen peas. She tossed it around on her palm. “You need a new ice pack. This one’s ripped.” She handed it to Dray, but he waved it away. 

“Too late for that. You should’ve put it on my face last night.”

Her lips twisted into a knot. “Oh, I’m sorry, but I didn’t have time to administer first aid because I was busy trying to keep you from falling off the dock and then there was the matter of getting you to your bed.” She looked at both of us. “Which, by the way, neither of you made it to.”

“Ahh, that explains why I woke up staring at the side of my bed,” Dray said with no attempt at a thank you or apology. He sidled past her and reached into the fridge. He pulled out yesterday’s leftover burrito. Then he grabbed up the bottle of hot sauce from the counter. Cassie and I watched in awe as he pulled back the greasy wrapper, shoved the burrito into his face, and then followed it with a hot sauce chaser. 

I put my hand in front of my face. “I can’t watch this.”

“Why not?” Dray said over a mouthful of food. “I need energy for work.”

“Are you still on that construction site in Lakewood?” I asked.

“Yeah, but it’s coming to an end, and they don’t have much lined up.” He dropped the last half of the burrito into the trash. “But to hell with it. I’ve got some good fights lined up.” Dray worked construction during the day, but his real money came from the amateur fight scene. He was small, tough, and fearless. He was good enough to go pro but his lack of self-discipline made him too much of a risk for sponsors. Sometimes it seemed like Dray couldn’t feel pain like a real human, the result, no doubt, of a shitty upbringing. His dad was a monster, and his mom only worried about her own ass. 

Dray grabbed a can of cola from the fridge and sucked it down. He scratched his stomach, burped loudly and winked at Cassie. “I’m out of here. Hey, Nix, don’t forget that Clutch is expecting us to go to that car show tonight. He’s finally unveiling that Pontiac.”

“Yeah, I remember.” Dray, Jimmy, or Clutch as we called him, and I had been best friends since high school. Dray had left without his diploma, but Clutch and I had somehow managed to snag ours. With the crazy shit we’d pulled in those days, it amazed me that we’d all survived our teens. Our high school had a tradition of creating a fake year book that was a spoof of the real thing. It was far more prophetic than the real thing too. Dray had been voted most likely to have a police record. Clutch had been voted most likely to scam his way to a million bucks, and I’d earned the distinction of most likely to leave behind a string of broken hearts. Dray and Clutch had made good on their titles soon after we left high school. It only took Dray a few months to get arrested for assault, and while Clutch hadn’t earned seven figures yet, he was close. But he really hadn’t scammed his way toward big bucks as much as he’d managed to invest in the right places. He’d always had an infatuation with cars, and his talent for fixing them had earned him a lot of money. I, on the other hand, might have left a few tears behind, but I had definitely not lived up to my title. 

Cassie leaned back against the kitchen counter and watched as Dray disappeared into his room. Her dark eyes sparkled with longing. I walked over and kissed her cheek. “You’re way too good for him, Cass.”

“Yeah, I keep telling myself that, but it just never takes hold.”

“I’ve got to go by and check on my grandmother,” I said. “I’ll be at the shop in an hour.”

“Don’t be too late. Kristy the Crier is coming in for a dragonfly on her shoulder.”

I rolled my eyes. “Why the hell does she put herself through all the torture? And why does she torture me by coming in for tattoos that she hates getting?”

Cassie looked wistfully toward Dray’s door. “Some girls are just glutton for punishment, Nix. I’ll see you in an hour.”

Books included in this bundle:

  • Freefall
  • Clutch
  • Dray
  • Rett
  • Nix & Scotlyn: The Wedding
  • Clutch & Taylor: The Wedding
  • Strangely Normal
  • Cole
  • Rodeo
  • Denver

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