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 "Yum, Yum, Yum. I so loved this book. Well written and the love scenes just took my breathe away!! ~Amazon Reviewer

A horrid, unstable childhood and a long stint with Bedlam, an outlaw MC, has left Cash Tremaine hardened, disillusioned and desperate to find a better life. A love of the ocean and a job referral from an old friend take him to the small coastal town of Tucker's Village where he meets Esme Drake. Esme is tough, resilient, independent and impossibly pretty. Cash wonders if he's finally found his place in the world down by the sea,
but he soon discovers that even far away from the MC, trouble manages to find him.

A rough life with her father and two brothers has taught Esme Drake to be a survivor and, now more than ever, she wants to be out on her own. For the last few years she has stuck to her plan and Cash Tremaine is the last thing she needs to get in her way. But beneath his intimidating exterior,
Cash is a lost soul, looking for a place to escape the unpredictable chaos of life, and Esme finds herself inexplicably drawn to him.

Sneak Peek at Cash:

We climbed in and he watched me as I pulled on the seatbelt. “What are you looking at?” I asked with a smile.

“I’m looking at you, baby. Hope that’s all right.”

I looked at him. “Cash Tremaine, anytime you want to look at me, it’s more than all right.”

He leaned over and kissed me. His nearness and the wild way he was flirting with me nearly wiped away the earlier mess. 

“Head in the direction of the cove.”

He pulled away from the curb. “Are we going back to the caves?”

“Nope. Better. I’m taking you to my secret escape from yucky stuff place.”

He wobbled the stick until it slid into third. “That is a long name for a secret place.”

“I’ve never taken anyone here so consider yourself very lucky,” I said.

“I’m with you, darlin’. I’m feeling way past lucky.”



  • Damsel in distress
  • Starting over
  • Dark past
  • High heat
  • MC romance

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