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I hated him as much as I couldn't live without him. He made me feel dirty and wrong . . . and desired and loved.

Detective Angie Tennyson impulsively volunteers to go undercover to get away from the annoying heartache she feels every time her partner, Detective James Maddox, mentions his bride-to-be. She soon finds herself swept into Kane Freestone’s dark, sordid and undeniably sensual world where the line between reality and fantasy blur.

Lace Underground is a terrible, horrible place void of hope, a hot burning pit so bleak, the despair, anguish and regret can consume you. A place where every fantasy comes true and every desire is satisfied. A place that feels safe and where the only emotion is heightened pleasure. A place where you can feel like you belong even if you have no idea why.

As Angie loses her grip on reality, she doesn’t know who to reach for first, Kane Freestone—the man who has become the center of her soul and existence, or James Maddox—the man who stole her heart long ago and never returned it. 

Book 1 of the Lace Underground Trilogy

What readers are saying:
"My neck hurts from the whiplash and my heart aches. The signs of a truly great read!!" ~Amazon Reviewer


  • Possessive Hero
  • Secret Society
  • BDSM
  • Undercover


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