Silk Stocking Inn

Sexy erotica meets magical realism as these professional women take an extraordinary trip to the Silk Stocking Inn and live out their deepest fantasies. Each book in this series is a complete standalone, and can be read in any order. 
AND each book contains a delicious cupcake recipe!

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Hot & Handy: Red Velvet (Silk Stocking Inn #1)

"There's a fine line between reality and fantasy and all it takes is the right amount of desire to cross that line." ~Coco, owner of the Silk Stocking Inn

Jessi has it all, success, money and a corner office with a view. The only thing she doesn't have is the right man. But when a wrong turn lands her at the welcome mat of the Silk Stocking Inn, and in the arms of hot handyman, Grayson, Jessi's well-planned life is turned upside down . . . both in and out of bed.

Jessi is about to get a tasty sample of love, erotic fantasies and red velvet cupcakes. (Recipe is included!)

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Built & Badass: Salted Caramel (Silk Stocking Inn #2)

"Only your heart can lead you to a happy ending." ~Coco, owner of the Silk Stocking Inn

Emmie loves her dream job as head librarian, even if her days are a little too quiet and her work shoes are a bit too sensible. When she yearns for something slightly more dangerous and considerably less sensible for her love life, she breaks off with her snobbish bore of a boyfriend and finds herself inexplicably on the doorstep of the Silk Stocking Inn. When she meets Beck, the massively built, tattooed biker, who is staying across the hall, Emmie wonders if she's stepped too far out of her sensible life or if she's found just what she was looking for.

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Rough & Ready: Mocha Latte (Silk Stocking Inn #3)

"Sometimes you've got to look to your past to find your future." ~Coco, owner of the Silk Stocking Inn

A deliciously sexy cowboy romance.

After a tragic childhood, Rebecca now has everything she needs for happiness, a great job as producer on a popular kid's show and a loving fiancé, Nate, her long time college sweetheart. But when her relationship takes a bad turn, she once again finds herself trying to cope with heartbreak and disappointment. When a wrong turn takes her to the door of the Silk Stocking Inn, Rebecca meets Jackson, a sweet talkin' cowboy with a mesmerizing green gaze and just enough swagger to warm her heart and . . . a few other places too. 


Cocky & Captivating: Hot Buttered Rum (Silk Stocking Inn #4)

"Every story needs a happy ending."

Ginger, a successful engineer by day and steamy romance writer by night, has everything she could ever want . . . well almost everything. Her own story is missing a crucial part—the swoon-worthy hero who will lead to happily ever after.

In the real world, the world outside the fantastical Silk Stocking Inn, Ginger never allows men to control her. But once she crosses the threshold of the magical inn and meets the incredibly handsome and slightly rogue Captain Turner, Ginger wants nothing more than to be his captive, his plaything. Is Turner the man who will finally give Ginger that elusive happy ending?


Strong & Seductive: Sugarplum (Silk Stocking Inn #5)

A sexy standalone filled with snow flurriesseduction and an irresistible alpha . . . not to mention the incredibly decadent sugarplum cupcakes. (Yes, the recipe is included!)

Jen has made her mark in the tech world, she's created a successful life for herself but she's sorely lacking one important thing—Passion. Jen's on her way to a weekend work retreat when she finds herself lost and her car impossibly lodged in a snowbank. When the hulking and breathtakingly handsome forest ranger, Holt, comes to her rescue Jen is transported to a truly magical winter wonderland where fantasies become realities. Despite the subzero temperatures outside, the sparks begin to fly within the walls of the Silk Stocking Inn. 


Silk Stocking Inn: The Series

This box set includes the full 5 book series.