Rain Shadow

This hot, suspense filled series is the story of Luke Barringer and Angel Sharpe. The unexpected twists and turns throughout the five books are a guaranteed thrill. You'll see these characters again in The Barringer Brothers series. Rain Shadow takes place before that series.

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From the first book to the very last, I rode one hellava ride on this fantastic rollercoaster of suspense, murder, love, HOT SEX scenes, and the hunkiest men on the planet.
— Lady Ree, Amazon Reviewer

HIS ANGEL: Rain Shadow Book 1

All his memories are gone and death is beckoning.
Trapped in his own slice of hell, his will to live is slipping away. 
Then her voice drifts over him.
His angel draws him away from the darkness.

The Bedlam MC does not welcome strangers.
He is an outsider.
She's risking everything.
But he needs her.
And soon she needs him too.
As his past returns to memory, the truth is revealed.
A truth that could destroy Angel's entire world.



HIS TRUTH: Rain Shadow Book 2

Luke 'Reno' Barringer knows that the deeper he is sucked into Dreygon Sharpe's world and the Bedlam MC, the harder it will be to get out alive. He has to go soon, but he won't leave without Angel, the girl who has taken control of his heart. Luke unwittingly impresses Dreygon with his abilities, and he decides a feigned loyalty to the club is their best chance at freedom. But if the secret he keeps from Angel is discovered before they are free, it will bring everything to a shattering end.

Angel Sharpe knows Luke is keeping something from her, but she also knows that nothing could shake her love for him. She believes that Luke will eventually gain her grandfather's trust and that she and Luke will leave the compound together. But as the layers of mystery peel away and the truth about Luke is revealed, Angel's dream unravels and she fears she may lose him forever.



FINDING HER: Rain Shadow Book 3

Luke "Reno" Barringer knows two things for sure—he doesn't fit in Dreygon Sharpe's MC world and he's not leaving it without Angel.

Angel Sharpe feels her whole life slipping away along with the man she loves and there seems to be no way back to happiness.




SAVING HER: Rain Shadow Book 4

Dreygon Sharpe is more determined than ever to get Angel back to the Bedlam MC compound. Even if it means killing a few people along the way. Luke is willing to risk anything to keep Angel safe. And he soon discovers that sometimes rather than trying to outrun a madman, it's easier just to face him head on.



OUR DESTINY: Rain Shadow Book 5

When Angel Sharpe first discovered Luke Barringer, lying in the desert near death from thirst, she quickly realized that he would change her life forever. But never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that he would turn her world inside out.



Rain Shadow: The Complete Series

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